First Android project using Kotlin

Ready, Set, Go! Start your first Android project with Kotlin! In this video you will learn how to install the Kotlin plugin, configure the project to use it and create your first activity written in Kotlin.

I've done this course using Android Studio 2.3, as at the moment I was recording it, Android Studio 3.0 was still Canary. If you are using Android Studio 3.0 already, Kotlin is deeply integrated into the IDE, so all the things we do here can be done by just selecting the "Kotlin" checkbox in the supported languages from the "New Project" wizard. You will see it's pretty straightforward.

If you are still in 2.3, just follow this video step by step.

Once completed, you can share your progress on Twitter! Click on the following link:

I've created my first project thanks to the #Kotlin for #AndroidDev online course by @lime_cl